This 2019 forecast may help you decide where your design inspiration is headed. Are you going to be filling your Pinterest boards with these top trends?

  1. You may have checked Marie Kondo’s Netflix show and feel inspired to declutter, like countless others. Does every piece in your home “spark joy” or is it just there because it always has been or you thought at one time you needed it? 2019 will be the year of ‘less is more’. Multifunctional pieces, like a sleeper sofa or ottoman with storage will be especially useful to this trend. Living in simplicity may help you organize your thoughts in a similar fashion, leading to a more productive 2019.
  2. Bold color. Pantone’s Color of the Year is “Living Coral”, a bright, playful hue. We see bold colors like this making a comeback, whether it’s as accent pieces or covering the whole room in decadence. Make your space reflect your individuality and turn up the saturation on the colors that bring you joy when you’re picking out a rug or accent chair.
  3. Whether it’s in floral patterns or actually bringing plants into your home, 2019 will be all about adding a green touch to your space. Greenery can liven up any room, not to mention freshen up the air as well as your design aesthetic. There are many ways to easily incorporate this trend into your home. From accent pillows and art to wallpaper or fabric.

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