Feeling overwhelmed by blank white rooms? Many people confront this dilemma when they build a new home or renovate and want a fresh design start.

A great place to start is with an inspiration piece. This could be a rug or large piece of art that you love. Once you have this anchor piece, you can start to build your room!

Pull colors from that cool rug or amazing art, as well as allow that piece to dictate design cues. Is your anchor piece traditional? Contemporary? Do you want your sofa to pop, or be neutral and calming? What tables would complement your evolving style? Which paint color will pull the space together and give it the finishing touch?

Allow your space to unfold organically and stay true to your newfound personal style!

Still feeling lost? Consider engaging a professional Designer. They can help guide you through the process by collaborating with you, and ask the right questions to guide you in a winning direction.