Choosing art for your personal spaces can be challenging. I like to choose art with a certain style that reflects the feeling that I want to achieve in the room. The art can be of Still Life and Florals, Landscapes, Seascapes or Tropical, Nature and Animals, Hunt, Game and Sport, Abstract, Figurative and Ethnic or Sculptural wall objects, etc.

Once you’ve identified areas in your home or office where your art will hang, the art selection will help to finish the décor and create a dramatic impact in the room. If chosen with care and hung properly to accent and fill the remaining space, your art selection and placement will showcase your interests and express your personality.

Here are some guidelines for decorating with art:

  1. Create a focal point in the room.
  2. Repeat a color at least three times around the room to create a “color scheme.”
  3. Place framed art 4”-6” above a sofa to create a unified look. This applies to a single piece of art or several pieces of art or wall décor grouped together.
  4. Cover 2/3 of the space above furniture with one or more pieces of art to achieve proper scale and proportion.
  5. Group several items together in a wall arrangement to make a dynamic statement.
  • Arrange items in a geometric shape
  • Vary size and shape of framed pieces to create visual interest.
  • Create a formal or informal balance in an arrangement.
  • Balance light and dark pieces to evenly distribute the weight.
  • Create at least one vertical and one horizontal line to give the eye a point of reference.
  • Arrange art with an equal distribution of space between each item.
  • Incorporate accessories into an arrangement as part of the grouping.
  • Place mirrors so they reflect something beautiful.

These are only guidelines. Let the space and style of the room dictate your decisions, set the ambiance and be creative in your approach to create your own personal style.