When the majority of your room is designed around classic, timeless color palettes, it’ll be easier to swap out smaller pieces over time to keep up with trends or simply your changing tastes. Getting the basics, like your sofa or sectional, in neutral tones will help set you up for style success.

An accent chair can serve to add life and dimension to your space. Whether you’re into bright hues, beautiful blues, or priceless plaids, you’d be surprised how many options you have that will make your home the envy of all. The difference between your accent chair and the rest of your furniture doesn’t have to be jarring, just choose colors in the same family. However, for added drama you can choose an accent chair that contrasts your other most prominent color.

Sometimes less is more and just one accent chair will do, but if your space allows for it and you’re feeling bold, 2 accent chairs can play off of each other. Keeping some elements similar across all pieces will help restore balance despite having 2 bold patterns at play, so try to pick pieces in similar structures, finishes, or sizes.

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