Add up your points as you go to reveal which style throw pillow best suits you!

Your ideal Friday night is:
Pizza and Netflix : -2
Drinks with Friends : +2
Something New Each Week  : +4

You’re out to eat for a special occasion. What’s for dessert?
Baked Alaska : +2
Chocolate Cake : -2
Chef’s Special : +4

You dream of vacationing in:
Norway – I’ve seen too many gorgeous pics of hot springs on Instagram :  + 4
N.Y.C. – The best place to see a show and shop till I drop : -2
Aruba –Laid back on the beach is my style : +2

Your favorite movie is:
A classic that has stood the test of time : -2
It’s too hard to choose just one! : +4
A blockbuster with action and excitement! : +2

Your ideal relationship is with:
Someone that always surprises you: +4
Someone that knows what they want : -2
Someone who makes you laugh : +2

-10 to 5 points = Timeless
Your style is clean, tried and true. Your polished nature exudes confidence and class. Like a timeless, neutral pillow, you can fit in anywhere! People seem to assume you have all the answers, which is the case when you’re asked for restaurant recommendations …but not necessarily when you’re asked for directions.

5 to 15 points = Bold
A vibrant statement pillow in a bold pattern or color is right up your alley. You can’t help that you were born to stand out. Chevron, plaid, polka dots, jewel tones, primary colors, you’ve embraced them all at some point. Keep marching to the beat of your own drummer; you never know where it will take you!

15 points to 20 points = Trendy
A pillow with tassels that evokes an effortless boho chic style is so you. You’re cool like the other side of the pillow! You keep up with the latest trends and regularly incorporate them into your home and your wardrobe. If Joanna Gaines says jump, you say how high?