What you want is the sun beating in on a room covered in deep, dark, heat-absorbing colors. If the neutrals are too blah for your tastes, add a printed rug in a similar hue for more striking visual interest. Grey is a classic, but when you add it with a printed pillow and area rug that have yellow accents, your design will feel fresh and pop.

Gold accents add warmth to your space, without feeling heavy, and also elevate the overall aesthetic of your room. When using a neutral color palette like grey for your sofa, you can warm up your space to suit the weather with elements like gold and wood.

Give your room a refresh by changing up the wall art. Mix and match pieces you already have or even yard sale finds with newer art. Settling on an arrangement before you hang it is the easiest way to know you’ll be hanging things with no regrets. Just place your paintings and prints on the floor and play with the spacing and arrangement until it looks right to you.

Wicker is always a summertime staple. Light and natural, it works as part of a chair, light fixture, or basket on your side table. Incorporate this into your accessories when styling your room and you’ll evoke the summer season effortlessly.

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