In the dark when it comes to home accents? Let’s shed some light on the subject. With La-Z-Boy, you have plenty of options and we can help you figure out which one will pop in your space.

You may think choosing a lamp is a case where you can eyeball it. However, it’s best to measure the table height and circumference and choose a lamp that sits no more than 1 ½ times the height of the furnishing it sits on, with the lampshade not so wide as to overwhelm the table. 

Weight of the material your lamp is made out of may also be key to functionality. In a more high-traffic area of your home, a heavier lamp will be more stable.

What is the purpose your lamp’s light provides? Will it be next to your reading spot? Is it setting a mood? A sheerer lampshade will allow more light into the room, a more opaque lampshade may be better suited for mood lighting or to fit your design aesthetic.

The shape of the base of your lamp will play off of the other accents in your room. A more geometric shape may suit modern tastes where a rounded body will look classic and timeless.

Whether gold, silver, brass, or painted, the finish on your lamp will also speak to a particular design aesthetic. Consider what other colors are in your space, and choose your lamp to co-exist seamlessly with your warm or cool toned palette.

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