The color red can be tricky to work with. Depending on its undertones it can convey a wide spectrum of feelings. Red can convey romance and excitement or danger.

Avoid using too much of this bold color, it may come off as over stimulating. Red is well suited as an accent color that draws your attention. Use it in the fabric of your throw pillows or an accent rug for the easiest way to add some flair without going overboard.

Pair your color scheme with your favorite wine. A deeper, more purple-red will give your space an intimate feel and can convey luxury and elegance. However, if you’re short on natural light, be warned. Darker colors will absorb light, whereas a brighter red would reflect it.

Traditional or transitional, country or contemporary, red can suit any mood so long as you pay attention to how all your color choices work together. Red accents surrounded by wood furnishings will provide extra cozy-ness. With soft grey and pink or magenta, femininity and softness are conveyed. Have a more dynamic personality? An orange-red is energetic and perfect for those who want to be active and exciting.

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