The most obvious way to bring in a bit of good luck might be to consider some stereotypical good luck charms as home décor accents. Horseshoes or barn stars add a bit of a rustic-chic touch to your home and have the added bonus of being considered good luck. Consider adding smaller items to a bookshelf that already has knick-knacks or hang larger items on the wall as art. These more rustic features go well with wood and leather. They can also play up a vintage aesthetic if they look slightly worn; so explore antique shops and flea markets to find your hidden treasure.

Sometimes the soft touch of a cozy blanket after a long day of work is the best mood boost. Any throw blanket enthusiast knows that surrounding yourself in softness can make you feel more calm and comforted. It only makes sense that carrying this throughout your home décor would create an environment where you’re better suited to make your own luck. After all, a positive mindset makes you more likely to attract good things.

Fresh flowers or plants are not only a lively and colorful accent to your home, but are also believed to bring good fortune according to feng shui. The scent of fresh flowers or incense will also promote a positive attitude. And if the scent of lavender is relaxing you at home, you may be wound a little less tight and be better able to handle any bad luck that comes your way.

Pay attention to color. In Chinese culture, lucky colors are red, yellow, and green. It’s also easy to incorporate these colors into your home décor. On a smaller scale, you can play with colorful throw pillows, or if you’re into big impact paint an accent wall. Thinking of making your home good luck charming? Try a free design consultation with us. Big projects or small upgrades are easier with an expert ready to give you advice.