Green can be a tricky and even intimidating color to work with. But when styled the right way it makes any room feel lively and fresh.

If you’re ready to incorporate a lot of green, try layering shades of green with varying degrees of intensity. Try to stick with either all warm tones or all cool tones so that there is an element that ties them all together. Use bolder, more saturated greens where you want the eye to be drawn to and use softer, more muted greens over a larger area.

Light greens paired with white will look fresh and bright. Add in some pieces in cool greys and your whole room will have a calming effect on guests. Another pairing that’s always in style is green and blue. Just like in nature, the two colors seem to fit hand in hand.

A bright green makes an excellent accent color, due to its natural ability to stand out. A punchy lime green will add some citrus flare. A deep Kelly green feels energetic and creative. Either way you’ll add a lot of personality with a small touch. Simply add art, throw pillows, a vase, or any other smaller home décor accent you can think of in a color that contrasts the rest of your palette.

If your style leans more toward timeless, effortless, and classic, a more muted olive green can act as a neutral. This adds a bit of color and depth to your space while still being able to pair easily with other colors.

Looking for a cheap, easy touch up? Fresh fruit or flowers are also a great way to add some green without the commitment of a coat of paint or new furniture. They’ll breath some fresh air into your space as well as a nice scent.

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