Making your guests feel at home can be easy. It’s just a matter of going the extra mile with a few small touches that will show them you care.

Place a jug of water and maybe even a small bouquet on the side-table next to your sleeper sofa, now a bedside table. Fresh flowers, or on-trend succulents, will make your guest feel that you especially value their presence.

It doesn’t hurt to provide a few amenities that your guest would have easily accessible at home, like a spare phone charger and the Wi-Fi password.

When choosing your sleeper sofa, make sure you know exactly how much space you have for not only a sofa, but also the pull out bed. You’d be surprised at the variety of options available whether you’re looking for a Full or a Queen-sized sleeper sofa. Quality is key. Investing in a sleeper sofa with a sturdy frame and an easy open and close will be important in your guest’s experience. 

A bench or ottoman is ideal to have. Not only as a stylish accent, but also acting as a luggage rest, giving your guest a place to unpack.

If you need help choosing fabric or other upgrades for your sleeper sofa, contact us today for a FREE design consultation.

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