1. You’re in the Dark. If natural lighting is scarce in your space, make sure to have plenty of light sources that you add in yourself. You can layer light fixtures like table lamps and floor lamps. Have one design element that ties them all together, like choosing sleek and modern or a vintage aesthetic.
  2. Clutter is Everywhere. If you feel your space being gobbled up by toys and trinkets, try using an ottoman with storage to neatly hide what you want out of sight from guests, while still having easy access to it. BONUS: your ottoman can be extra seating, serving space, or a spot to stretch out your legs!
  3. No Focal Point. If you’re using a busy pattern on multiple pieces, or the same monochromatic color palette everywhere, your room won’t draw the eye in in an appealing way. Choose accents where you want to grab attention, like accent pillows or an accent chair. Use these bolder visuals sparingly for more impact.
  4. Big Fish in a Small Pond. Your furniture may not fit the space you intended it for if you don’t measure before making purchases. Create a to scale floor plan before making big decisions.
  5. Wide Open Space. Pushing your sofa and other furniture to back against the walls may end up looking too precise. Try moving the sofa further toward the center of the room, if things feel off you can add a thin and wide table to the back of the sofa. BONUS: you’ll have another great spot for knick knacks or photo albums