Fresh flowers will brighten up any room, but the right arrangement will act as a finishing touch to your interior design. 

Playing with height adds subtle visual interest and helps things avoid looking “matchy-matchy”. Flowers don’t all grow the same height in nature, so why style them that way in your home? You can do this within one arrangement using flowers of varying heights, or use multiple arrangements, with some in a lower vase and others with tall stems.

Play off the colors in your room. If your color palette is already neutral, you have a great opportunity to draw the eye to the center of the room with a bright, multi-colored arrangement. If you have competing bold colors, you may want to choose a contrasting color and carefully place the arrangement somewhere that the visual hierarchy is balanced throughout your space or choose a more neutral arrangement.

Consider the vase. The height, color, and finish can all work with or against your design aesthetic. A neutral vase may be best for a bold arrangement, but you can still add some flair with a bow in a matching bold color.

When choosing a floral fabric, there are tons of ways to suit whatever your design theme is. A big and bold floral print allows your sofa or accent chair to draw attention and may suit a bold personality. A smaller floral print may evoke a sense of femininity, or better suit a more minimalist design approach.

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