Flowers are blooming and it’s time to bring some new life back into your home as well, it’s time for spring-cleaning!

Your throw blanket or pillows may be suffering from a long winter without you even knowing it. Keeping all the windows shut keeps the warmth in, but allows the air to get a bit stale. Try taking these items outside and hang them on a clothesline to air out on the first warm, sunny day of the season.

Is pet hair clinging to your upholstery or drapes? Try throwing on a pair of rubber gloves, run them under the faucet for a second and you’ll be collecting up unwanted hair, fur, and fuzz in no time.

Furniture that’s finally perfect for living in. You can still get your ideal color, pattern, or texture with the added bonus of our stain-resistant fabrics available in most La-Z-Boy styles. This innovative technology surrounds each fiber, creating a barrier of protection that repels spills before they turn into stains. Spring-cleaning is a breeze when your furniture does the hard work for you. For most spills, simply blot with a paper towel. La-Z-Boy likes to make it easy to have luxurious furniture that stays soft and beautiful year-round.

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