Masculine décor doesn’t have to be a dark and covered in sports memorabilia. When you find the right balance you can have a handsome room that men and women love.

Bringing in hints of the great outdoors is a good starting point for masculine design. Using an arrangement of succulents in place of a bouquet of flowers can add a fresh touch without going too feminine. 

Layer wood and other natural textiles to keep this theme going. The right pieces of knobby, reclaimed wood could even make wall art. 

Delicate furniture may evoke a more feminine style, so be sure to choose a strong, broad silhouette for your main focal point, like a sturdy sofa in a rich coffee hue.

Incorporating technology is a good way to win over any man’s heart. Furniture with built-in USB posts makes it easy to charge your favorite device. Why would you want to leave the comfort of your recliner for something like that?

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