Black and white is a completely classic combination, but in order to balance it properly in your home you have to be thoughtful in how you use it. Especially if the overall palette in your room is monochromatic as well.

High contrast rooms can make your space feel bigger, for example, if you pair dark floors with crisp, white walls. High contrast is also good for bold personalities and big patterns. But if you go too loud, it may induce a headache. Try softening up a high contrast black and white room with some natural wood accents.

Worried black and white would be too cold? It’s actually easy to warm up a space that is black and white. If your walls or rug feature a more warm-toned gray, that will soften and warm up your overall space. Feature varying shades of gray in between black and white to also make your room feel cozier.

A little pop of color will go a long way as well. Adding a throw pillow with a subtle colorful accent or simply placing a potted plant next to your all black sofa can have surprisingly dramatic impact when the rest of your color story is monochromatic.

It’s also important to play up texture since you’re not playing with color. Adding throw pillows or throw blankets with intricate weaves will add more layers and depth to your room. Details like the stitching on a black leather sofa has much more room to shine when other elements like multiple colors aren’t detracting from it.

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