If you plan on entertaining often, you’ll save time and effort by ensuring your space is flexible and multifunctional. You want to be able to accommodate all your guests comfortably, no matter how large or how small the party is. 

When it comes to seating, having a variety gives everyone the opportunity to choose what’s most comfortable for him or her. Ottomans are especially nice as they can be tucked away, used for storage, or brought out and used for extra seating.

If you want to encourage more intimate gatherings, a smaller sofa can perfectly suit your needs. Just have extra seating in mind in case you need it. If you know your home is the place to be for all your friends and family a larger sectional always fits the bill.

Lighting can set the mood for the evening, so make sure you have the appropriate amount for whatever the evening’s activities may be. Dim lighting for casual evening conversation, brighter lighting for a board game night.

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