There are countless ways to interpret winter as your design inspiration, with timeless appeal that will feel right even in a different season.

Embrace the season with cool whites and greys. Adding layers with different shades can create the depth of a snowy winter scene. This may be through the addition of throw pillows and blankets, or a stylish rug.

Deep, rich colors are also associated with winter. They can feel lavish and luxurious when paired with velvet. Channel your inner peacock with emerald greens, plums, and royal blue. Berries and jewel tones will easily amp up the decadence in your home.

If the winter chill is too much for you, you can also go in the opposite direction; add a splash of a bright yellow or deck your space in warm neutrals to combat the cold outdoors.

In winter it’s all about texture. Choosing throw blankets or pillows with a soft touch will make your home the cozy nest you never want to leave. And it doesn’t hurt to always have blankets and pillows in excess. If you’re choosing upholstery for furniture, fabric will probably feel better to cuddle up on before a Netflix binge rather than colder leather.

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