Picking the perfect accent table starts by knowing what the exact space is you’re working with. You’ll want to be sure whatever you choose is going to physically fit with all your other furniture, without crowding yourself in or looking awkward and spread out. Leaving 2’5” – 3’ in-between furniture is ideal room to walk through. Consider the height as well. You’ll want this piece to be no more than 3” shorter than the arm of your sofa or chairs. This small touch is something that you don’t notice when it’s done right, but when it’s wrong it becomes obvious as you reach to put a drink down, especially in a space you use every day.

What purpose does this piece serve? Are you more focused on style? Or functionality? If you’re lacking storage, it may be in your best interest to choose a table with drawers. If you’re looking for something to hold drinks, ceramic, stone or glass tops won’t need coasters. Wood is good for displaying knick-knacks or books and may provide a warmer tone for the rest of your room. 

Consider who the star of the show is. Where is your eye going to be drawn first? A large portrait hanging on the wall? Your sofa in a bold pattern? You’ll be playing off the scale of this item when choosing accent pieces, so that you’re not competing for attention. 

Your wall color, floors, and upholstery should make a theme evident. Stick with this color story when choosing your table. If you have furnishings with a gold finish, choosing silver in your sofa table or cocktail table may clash.

La-Z-Boy offers a wide variety of sofa tables, cocktail tables, console tables, and end tables. If you’re dizzy from all your options, schedule a free in-home design consultation with our expert designers.