Sometimes a sofa or sectional will just overwhelm your room. Making the most out of the space you have doesn’t have to be hard when you consider using a loveseat instead. Clean lines and exposed legs on the loveseat will help create the illusion of more space. You will also want to let your loveseat be the star of the show. Don’t overshadow this piece with your other furniture in the room, or things may start looking cluttered. You can help accentuate your loveseat as your main focal point by painting the accompanying wall either a lighter shade than the fabric, or a contrasting color.

When it comes to pairing your sofa with a loveseat, La-Z-Boy makes it easy. Lots of La-Z-Boy pieces have a loveseat counterpart that will turn your living room into the perfect place to entertain guests and loved ones. When placing your furniture, always keep in mind what you want the focal point to be. That may be the TV if you like to host game night or your guests if you want to encourage conversation. How you place your sofa and loveseat can influence the way your space gets used. Ready for your home to get a style upgrade? Sign up for a free design consultation.