Bringing Nature Into Your Home

Rolling hills of bright grassy green have a serene effect on many. Incorporating this color into your home is a good way to make it feel lively without being busy. A yellow-toned green sofa pairs nicely with wood accents to bring warmth into your space so that your white walls feel fresh instead of cold. This bold color isn’t overwhelming when combined with a neutral rug and wall color. 

If you’re most inspired when you’re beachside, enjoying the waves crashing in, then blue is a classic design staple. However, blue can more easily look stale without the right accents. Complementary citrus hues will add zest to your palette. A true, deep orange will also look decadent and feel cozy when combined with a rich chocolate shade. 

A sunny yellow will also pair nicely with an orchid-inspired purple. Using one shade as an accent pillow and the other as a throw or rug is a quick touch that adds a bouquet of flair to your room.

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